An update on infant atopic eczema management

25 October 2023 15:15 - 15:55

Atopic eczema affects 20% of children, with 60% developing eczema in infancy. This session will give an update on the current evidence-base of how to manage atopic eczema in infants. Firstly, the complexity of atopic eczema will be explored, genetics, immunology, and links to allergy. Atopic eczema management will look at the ABC: Avoiding irritants, looking at common triggers (irritants and allergens). Bland emollients, looking at the importance of complete emollient therapy (washing and moisturising) for skin barrier repair. Controlling inflammation, looking at topical treatments (topical corticosteroids and calcineurin inhibitors) and appropriate use of antimicrobials. Finally, red flags and guidance on when to refer to secondary care will be discussed.

Julie van Onselen, Dermatology Lecturer Practitioner, Dermatology Education Partnership Ltd and The National Eczema Society